Go into business for yourself…but not by yourself.

Deckbright TruckReady to be your own boss and control your future?

The Deck Medic brand has filled a growing demand since 1990 and business opportunities are now available if you are motivated and customer service minded.

Why Deck Medic is right:

– Complete training, ongoing support, professional insights and advice,

– Thousands of potential customers with decks, fencing, wood siding, and more,

Deckbright Truck– Create cycle of repeat business,

– Manage your own hours and schedule,

– Very low risk, territory protected,

– Low initial investment.

Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

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Since 1990 Deck Medic has established itself as the number one outdoor wood restoration company in the Chicagoland area. We have spent the last 26 years developing our own line of wood care products, professional wood care processes, proprietary business software, and a successful business plan for marketing our business. Our ability to offer a high quality product while still providing excellent customer service has led to our continued success and will fuel our growth into the future.

In 2012 we decided that the best way to expand our business was through the franchise model. We feel that owners, instead of employees, will allow us to grow while still providing the level of customer commitment we have built our reputation on. We are looking to grow into new markets with the potential franchise owners we feel have the skill set to run their own business, desire the independence and rewards of owning their own business.

Deckbright TruckDeck Medic, Inc. will provide the initial training and ongoing support. It is our mission to make each business a success so that as a group we can all prosper. As a collective we are able to negotiate purchasing discounts on products and marketing. All Deck Medic franchise owners will have access to the combined experience of our 26 years in the business to tap into. You will also have the camaraderie of peers dealing with the same day to day issues of running a Deck Medic Franchise. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

If you are interested in controlling your own hours, income, and feel you are ready to “be your own boss”, then now is the time to find out if Deck Medic is the right fit for you.

I look forward to helping you start your own Deck Medic Franchise

Jeff Konopack

Franchise Development

Deck Medic, Inc.


Deckbright TruckWhat Comes With A Deck Medic Business?

Deck Medic Business:

  1. Protected Territory: All Business Owners will be assigned a protected area in which only they will be allowed to work.
  2. Name Rights: Business Owners will be allowed to use the Deck Medic name and logo.
  3. Procedures: Business Owners will be taught and allowed to use our unique wood maintenance systems and products.
  4. Materials: Business Owners will be allowed to use and will receive special pricing on all proprietary Deck Medic cleaning products and oil based stains.
  5. Marketing: Business Owners will be allowed to use our marketing materials and will be given advice on the best way to market their business.
  6. Website: Deck Medic Opportunities will host a website for all business owners to use.

Office Support:

  1. Initial Business Set up: Deck Medic Opportunities staff will assist and advise in setting up new businesses and assist in developing short term and long term business plans.
  2. Ongoing Support: Deck Medic Opportunities will continue to provide business support and advice through regular group and individual meetings.
  3. Professional Advice: The Deck Medic Opportunities management team has almost 50 years of experience in deck staining and running a service company. We are always available for either a phone call or one on one consultation to help keep you on a profitable path to running a successful business.

Deckbright Truck

  1. Estimating: Business Owners will be taught the Deck Medic standards and how to use them to quote different types of projects.
  2. Sales: Business Owners will go through our sales training program and receive continued support through sales reports and additional training.
  3. Quick Books: Business Owners will be taught how to use Deck Medics’ proprietary version of Quick Books including; Work Orders, Contracts, Billing, & Book Keeping.
  4. Deck Medic Production Procedures: Business Owners will receive hands on training on Deck Medics’ 3 & 5 Step Processes as well as House Washing & Concrete Cleaning
  5. Customer Service: Business Owners will receive training and support on how to provide the level of customer service needed to be successful and continued business growth.

10 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Owning Your Own

Are the territories protected?

Yes, all franchises come with exclusive territories large enough for you to grown and sustain a profitable business.

How much is the Franchise Fee?

We are currently selling full territories for $25,000 and partial territories for $15,000

How large are the territories?

Most full territories (areas capable of $500,000 or more in sales) are around 500,000 in population, taking into account homeownership and medium income. Partial territories (areas where the owner will be doing the work in one van) range from 100,000 – 250,000 in population.

What kind of startup costs can I expect?

Each van will average around $20,000 when adding up the cost of a decent used van and having it wrapped with our logos & your phone numbers. Plus the cost of the equipment that will be needed in the van for production. In addition you will need a lap top and printer if you don’t have one since our software is designed to allow you to create and print quotes in the van. You will also need startup money for preseason marketing. We expect you will need between $25,000 – $50,000 startup capital depending on the size you want your business to start out at.

Is there training?

Yes,we will have a training session to teach you how to use our software, how to estimate the jobs and to run the business. In addition to the classroom training we will have in the field training for our power washing processes and staining processes. We expect the training to take 2 weeks at our home office in the Chicago area.

What about follow up support?

The advantage of buying into a franchise is the experience that comes with it. Answers to questions from estimating to final billing and any production questions along the way are never more than a phone call away. We also have monthly meetings to discuss problems and see what is working/not working in other owners’ areas.

How long is the season?

Here in the Mid-West we usually can stain decks from mid April to mid November. However the sales season will start in earnest March 1st.

What do I do in the offseason?

Whatever you want!! I go to Florida, some switch over to hanging Christmas lights. There is always some final sales and P&L reports to be worked on leading up to the holidays and then developing a business plan for the next season. (part of our support is helping with mining the reports for info to help you better run your business and helping you with your new business plan. One of the things I like best about the deck staining business is the seasonality of it. We have a busy sales season that overlaps into the beginning of our production season and then a final push to try to get all the jobs done before winter arrives. I like that a lot better than doing the same thing day after day, year after year.

Can I make as much in a seasonal business as a year around business?

You could/should be able to make even more. Who wouldn’t want to make a years’ worth of income working only 9 months a year.

What kind of skills will I need?

This is a service business so you will need people skills to deal with your customers & employees. We can teach you how to run the business and how to put our 25 years of experience to work but we can’t teach you to care about your employees or about providing your customers with the job & service they expect from a Deck Medic franchise.