How long have you been in business?

We have been cleaning & staining decks since 1990

How much experience do you have?

We have cleaned & stained over Ten Million Square Feet of outdoor wood surfaces.

How do you apply the stain?

We use professional airless sprayers to apply an even coat of stain to the wood surface then work the stain in by back brushing. By spraying the stain on we can coat areas that can’t be reached by brush. The friction provided by back brushing opens up the grain allowing the stain to penetrate deeper into the wood and provides a more vibrant finish.

What do you stain other than decks?

We stain all outdoor wood surfaces including but not limited to; Fences, Pergolas, Gazebos, Arbors, Trellis, Bridges, Balconies, Play Sets, & Furniture.

Do you seal concrete?

We power wash & seal concrete sidewalks, patios, and driveways. We can also power wash and seal your brick or stone paver patio.

I have a composite deck what can you do to it?

We can power wash plastic or composite decking materials using our proprietary cleaning and mold killing products. We have also had a lot of success staining faded or discolored plastic & composite decks with our solid stains.

Do you do house washing?

Yes, using our cleaning and mold treatment products we can power wash the exterior of your home. We can also stain any exterior surfaces you may want protected.

Is power washing bad for my deck?

In the wrong hands a power washer can cause damage to the integrity of the wood. We use only trained, experienced professionals to wash all of our projects. Hand washing simply doesn’t provide the deep cleaning necessary for a long lasting, beautiful finish. Our commercial grade power washers provide the high volume of water needed to thoroughly clean the wood surfaces and remove our proprietary cleaning products

Do you have insurance?

We carry Full Workers Comp. Insurance on all of our employees and a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

Who will be working on my job?

Only Deck Medic trained employees are allowed to work on our jobsites. We never use sub-contractors; many companies try to get around insurance and tax laws by hiring day laborers or by sub-contracting the work out. We don’t!!

How long have your employees been with the company?

It varies, like all companies that have been around as long as we have, employees come and go. Every year we bring in some fresh faces to work with our more experienced team leaders, many of whom have been here over 10 years. The majority of our employees have been here between 5 & 10 years.

Do I need to have the full 5-Step Process?

Unless we are going over our own stain, it is necessary to try to remove the existing product to allow our penetrating stain to work properly.

How long will the 5-Step Process last?

Unless we are going over our own stain, it is necessary to try to remove the existing product to allow our penetrating stain to work properly.

Do I need the full 5-Step Process every time?

No, usually all that’s needed is our 3-Step Maintenance Process every few years to continue the protection you received from the more extensive 5-Step Restoration Process performed during our initial service visit.

Why do I need the mold/mildew treatment?

All outdoor wood surfaces have mold and mildew feeding on it. The mistake homeowners and contractors make is to power wash off the surface mold and think the problem is taken care of. Power washing only removes the top surface of the mold plant. We saturate the wood with our mold remediation product to kill the spores all the way down to the root hidden within the grain of the wood. Untreated mold spores left behind after power washing will feed off of the new stain shortening the life of the product and making the wood surface slippery and unsightly.

Will the mold return after staining?

Possibly, our mold remediation process only kills the existing mold plant prior to sealing the wood. Mold is an airborne spore that could come back and start growing across the surface of the stained wood. For this reason, mold is NOT covered under our warranty.

How long will my project take?

Whether it’s the full 5-Step Restoration Process or our 3-Step Maintenance Process most jobs will take two separate days–not consecutive. We will have one wet day when all of the wash processes are done. After allowing the wood to dry properly for a few days the team will return for prep and stain application. The number of days between the wash day & staining day will be effected by rain. Some large jobs may take longer than 2 days.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our 5-Step Process comes with a one year warranty. Ours is not a calendar year, it’s a seasonal one. All work done this season is covered for the remainder of this season and all of next season. Essentially it’s a two season guarantee against any peeling or flaking. Please carefully read your agreement for more details about the terms and restrictions.

What is expected of the homeowner?

We will need access to water and electricity. We will also need the work area cleared of personal belongings, decorative items, and furniture before the power washer arrives. Have all windows & doors closed.

How long after my deck is stained can I use it again?

We ask that you stay off the deck for 48 hours to allow the wood to completely dry.

What kind of stain do you use?

After years of experimenting with many different brands of both water based and oil based stains and finding none of them up to our standards. We have taken the steps to develop our own line of semi-transparent oil based stain. Our penetrating stain is a two oil system consisting of both non-drying oils that penetrate deep into the wood fiber where the woods natural oils used to be, and a drying oil that stays at the surface locking in the conditioning oils. Our stains also contain pigments to provide protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun while still allowing the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through.

Do you do wood repairs?

Yes, your local Deck Medic owner will be able to discuss the necessary repair work needed depending on your situation and let you know if it is something he/she feels we can handle. Any rotten wood that is uncovered during the wash process is not our responsibility and will result in additional charges if you would like us to repair it.

Why should we choose your company?

In a word, service. We feel confident that the combinations of our time tested production systems along with the professional wood care products we use go unmatched in the industry. However it is our level of service and commitment we provide to our customers that we are most proud of. You don’t survive in this economy for over 20 years if you don’t put your customers first.