Get Back to Relaxing on Your Deck

Trust our team to handle your deck repair service

Wondering if your damaged deck is worth saving? Before you think about demolishing it, talk to the experts at Deck Medic. Our restoration team will inspect your structure for signs of damage, then begin the repair process.

In addition to deck repair, we also offer custom deck construction service. Call now to discuss your ideas with a member of our team.

Should you restore or replace your deck?

Determining if you should restore or replace your deck can be a challenge, especially because the signs tend to overlap. Fortunately, we're here to set the record straight. Check out these signs that show a simple restoration is all your deck needs:

  • Exposed or loose screws
  • Dry or chipped paint
  • Visible signs of rot

Our team will strip and prepare your surface properly before applying a refreshing stain. To learn more about this detailed process, please visit our Deck Staining page.



• Gently pressure wash included surfaces using our Pro Deck Cleaner to remove dirt & loose stain or paint.
• Treat mold spores still hidden in the grain of the wood with Deck Medic's Pro Mold Cleaner & gently wash again.
• In cases where stripping of existing stain or sealer is required, Deck Medic will employ use of Eco-Strip, our own professional grade, ecologically friendly wood stripper formula. In this case the team will wash a second time using Deck Medics’ Pro Bright to neutralize the Eco-Strip prior to the third wash using Pro Mold Cleaner.

**For project surfaces on or near water, Deck Medic shall take specific precautionary measures during the process to ensure maximum protection of water, plants, and wildlife.

The homeowner is asked to remove all items from above, below & near the project areas prior to the arrival of the wash team. This includes furniture, boats, personal watercraft, or other items that you would not want our cleaning products to get onto.

***Wood will be allowed 2-4 days for proper dry time before team returns to sand & stain. Return date may be delayed due to weather and our work schedule. Once the dock is washed we will come back to stain as quickly as we can often without prior notice, if you need to be notified of the stain day or you need the stain day to be scheduled please let us know in advance.


• Where necessary the team will lightly sand surfaces to remove remaining loose old product or raised grain.
• Stain will be either sprayed on & back brushed or only brushed on for maximum penetration & even application.
• Surfaces will receive an application of Deck Medic’s Professional Grade Semi Transparent Oil-Based Stain. Surfaces that have a solid stain on them will be re stained with Sherwin Williams Superdeck or Deck & Dock solid deck stains.

**The local Deck Medic representative will consult with the dock owner to select the best product based on all factors.

Homeowner is asked to stay off dock surface for 24 hours & not put furniture back for 48 hours after staining.
Access to water for washing, electricity for sanding & staining will be provided by homeowner.
Deck Medic cannot guarantee the removal of all pre-existing products during our gentle wash process, any remaining stain or sealer still on top of the wood may be noticeable after application of our penetrating oil based stain.

Sap appearance after our cleaning & staining process is something we cannot control, the only permanent cure for sap bords is replacement with the premium woods we carry. If this is an issue please discuss it with your Deck Medic representative.